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Our goal is to be your go-to problem solver to provide an out-of-the-box solution for your shipping needs.  Don't think of shipping as strictly what you ship, but what you bring in, too.  Why leave shipping decisions to your supplier?  Who has your best interest at heart?

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What industry friends are saying - Feb 2019

The infrastructure in Texas is not established to fulfill the needs of the Texas wine industry.  Sommelier Logistics has the kind of ideas that this industry needs to help make the wine industry a success.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Customer Feedback - April 30, 2021 

Ronnie Aschenbeck, Cummins Creek Vineyards

Over my many years of receiving and sending deliveries we have had drivers that barely spoke to us and you could tell it was just another job to them.

When we met Les yesterday we knew this was a passion and we were getting the best quality out there.

Kudos to Sommelier Logistics for a great experience and we will make sure we do this again on our next delivery! 

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC