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The Story of Us

A story of how we became, where we are, and where we are going

Blog Post 3:  New Life in the Country

February 5,  2022

We moved into our first mobile home, which is a rental located in Bryan last September.  We live on just over an acre and the dogs love their backyard haven of 1/3 acre.  Later in September we purchased our piece heaven in Hico.  We OWN 20 acres!!  Les is now 60 and I am approaching that landmark myself in 2023 and we own property outright for the first time ever.  It's rather surreal.  I will share more of our plans later.  Stay warm, friends!!

Blog Post 2:  Life Will Never Be the Same

May 15, 2021

On Thursday, May 13, Les and I signed a contract for the sale of our home of ten years.  We have found ten acres in the Hico area and hope to have a contract on that property soon.  If that isn't exciting enough, we have been working with CPS to take temporary custody of a 6-month old baby, while they work with the parent to stabilize living conditions.  We plan to live approximately half way between our current base in Spring and Hico for 12-18 months while we begin the process of building our dream.  Our dreams continue to come true with hard work and feistiness.  

Blog Post 1:  Our first Grape Harvest

November 14, 2020

August 1 was our first official grape harvest delivery.  We met the wonderful owners of Mil Veranos Vineyard and Ranch in 2019 and we became fast friends.  Mil Veranos and their customer Haak Vineyards and Winery gave us this opportunity.  When we arrived, there were still grapes to harvest.  Les helped to load the grape bins into our truck.  I got a quick tutorial on how to pick grapes, picked up some shears and began picking grapes.  There was a light rain the night before, even though the lightening storm and thunder indicated a much stronger rain.  God gave us the most beautiful summer day.  The summer heat was minimal, the skies were beautiful and the temperatures were cool.  I thoroughly enjoyed helping our friend and I am hoping that this becomes an annual event.