Sommelier Logistics

What is Sommelier Logistics​?

Sommelier Logistics is an independent transportation company supporting the producers and retailers of the Texas wine, beer, spirit and food industries.  Whether your needs are transporting products or materials, shipping in refrigerated containers, or finding a rental solution, we want to help you find the solution for your business need and demand.

Sommelier Logistics understands specifically the needs of the grape grower and the wine producer.  We are not the expert in your business, but you are.  We will take the time to listen to your specific needs and concerns to understand your business and industry better in order to find the transportation solution for you and you alone.

What are the goals​ of Sommelier Logistics?

  • Trucking:  To be the first choice for all of your transportation needs.
  • Harvest:  To provide quality transportation to meet the needs of the grower with product transition from farm or vineyard to final product, and anywhere in between.
  • Post-Production:  To deliver bulk or bottled product wherever it is needed.
  • Distribution:  To provide independent Texas wineries, breweries, distilleries and artisan food manufacturers a final mile solution into the retail and restaurant markets.

Who is Sommelier Logistics?

We are the crazy truckers!

Les Mauldin is a graduate of Texas A&M with a BS in Horticulture, a former wine salesman and oftentimes restaurant server, who has a passion for trucking. That passion, and the love he has for all that is Texas, has created an opportunity to combine the areas of life that he finds joy into an exciting business opportunity. That opportunity is to create a trucking and logistics company that services the Texas craft wine, beer, spirits and food industries.  Les has 10+ years of over the road truck driving experience using refrigerated, van and flatbed equipment.  Les is our main driver and the idea-maker.

Peggy Mauldin is a native Texan with 15+ years in supply chain and an excellent cook, who loves to entertain. Peggy has a BS in Business with accounting, finance, manufacturing and multiple supply chain roles to reinforce her skills and experience.  As a logistics agent with Landstar Ranger Inc, Peggy will provide the customer service support needed to meet customer needs.  Peggy is the office manager, organizer and the executioner of ideas.

Together, Les and Peggy have a desire to assist an industry that is near and dear to their hearts.  Food and wine is what led Les and Peggy to find one another and has been an integral part of their relationship.  Providing a transportation services company that services the wine, spirits and food industries is a logical fit for this quirky couple .  Les has seen firsthand the transportation problems that the wine industry faces in and out of Texas.  The ability to not only have a solution that can enable the wine, spirits and food industries to grow and meet the needs of today's consumer, but to surpass tomorrow's needs is the first area that Les and Peggy strives to meet. 

Why choose Sommelier Logistics?

  • Sommelier Logistics is a contract agent (Peggy) and business capacity owner (Les) for one of the top 5 transportation carriers in the US.  What does this mean exactly?  Peggy is the person you call when you need a quote or to book a load.  Peggy represents the carrier as a customer service rep, salesperson and dispatcher.  Les will be the driver behind the wheel of our Dreamsicle who collects and delivers your product.
  • The carrier has a global footprint, which means we can handle freight domestically and internationally.
  • The carrier has over 10,500 contracted drivers to carry the myriad of diverse freight for its customers.
  • Partnering with this carrier gives Sommelier Logistics access to the other 10,500+ drivers plus a fleet of contracted carriers to assist with our customer's requirements.
  • This carrier takes care of the licenses, requirements paperwork and al other details so that the agents and drivers can take care of the needs of each customer.